Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rumors Articles Are Worthless

Nothing has changed the way people follow baseball more than the Internet has, but let's be clear -- there is a limit to the amount of useful content out there. A lot of it is never even intended to be worth a damn, but rather, simply exists in order to garner some eyeballs in order to jack up the stats. The best example of this are the "rumors" columns, often appearing sans byline, always peddling baseless or highly recycled nonsense.

Exhibit A; a "rumor" piece about Griffey to the Braves, based solely on Terrence Moore's looney tunes column from Thursday.

If that's all it takes to warrant a rumors piece, let's try this one on for size: Sources are telling me that in an effort to bolster their new focus on young pitching, the Yankees plan on DFAing Abreu and Damon, signing Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter, and Corey Patterson to play outfield, eliminating the outfield bleachers, and pushing the fences back 70 feet. I can't reveal my source yet, but he's someone I trust implicitly.

Remember, mum's the word.

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