Monday, November 12, 2007

Please Take Notes Mr. Shanoff

A writer by the name of Nathaniel Shockey has an extremely good point about today's hype-obsessed media and its lack of perspective:

Last year, the Golden State Warriors completed the greatest first round upset in the history of the NBA playoffs. This year, Barry Bonds broke the most important record in all of sports. Coincidentally, the Colorado Rockies just went on the most amazing streak in baseball history, followed by the second greatest comeback in baseball history by the Red Sox, surpassed only by their comeback only three years prior . . .With all of these unprecedented events happening right now, one can only imagine how incredibly boring the previous 230-odd years must have been for our American ancestors . . .

. . . our culture’s obsession with drama seems to have turned us all a bit stupid . . . as long as we’re in denial about everyone and everything being the best, worst, most important something, then those things that matter the most will almost certainly transpire while we’re not even looking.

Check it, and his other stuff out.

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