Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Posada to Stay With Yankees

They went and added a fourth year, so Posada will presumably end his career in pinstripes. Which is probably how it should be. My favorite bit from the story:

After being schmoozed by Mets general manager Omar Minaya Monday afternoon during a lengthy lunch at Le Cirque, Posada and his agents finally received the offer from the Yankees they had been hoping for all along.

Really, Minaya? You were trying to woo one of the most beloved Yankees to Queens by taking him to Le Cirque? Are you aware, Omar, that despite the fact that Le Cirque continues to do wonders with its foie gras terrine, it does a sorry job with risotto Milanese? That even though its ethereal Dover sole meunière makes you believe that the fish was put into the seas to await its appointment with butter and lemon, its drab lobster salad makes you question the crustacean’s gastronomic calling?

Le Cirque indeed. That may work with Paul LoDuca, but Jorge Posada has a little thing called class.

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