Friday, November 2, 2007

I love the smell of spinning in the morning

You've lost your manager and got bad press for it. You lost your star slugger and but for the grace of stupid timing by his agent, you would have gotten bad press for it. You may even be losing your popular all-star catcher, and if you do you're going to get REALLY bad press for it. What do you do to stop the bleeding?

If you're the Yankees you leak a story that makes you look reasonable and the rest of the world barking mad.

Which isn't to say it's not true. But there may very well be more to the story that Olney's sources aren't telling him. We don't know though, because there is no evidence that Olney sought comment from Boras on the leak, er, the report, and God knows Boras hasn't exactly been eschewing the media this week. There is also no apparent sourcing at all for this statement:

The timing of how this played out, and the fact that Rodriguez did not meet with the Yankees to hear their offer before making his decision, has led some baseball officials to surmise that a deal with another team may already be in the works.

It strikes me that you need more than "some baseball officials surmising" in order to run with a tampering charge. If no one would go on record with this, even anonymously, it is nothing more than simple grumbling from frustrated Yankee brass.

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