Monday, November 12, 2007

Florida is Delusional

The Marlins are asking for the world in exchange for Cabrera:

The Florida Marlins are trying to hit a grand slam in trade talks involving All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera, executives involved in the discussions say.

The price is so prohibitive and includes multiple top-tier prospects -- the kind of young players that are hardly ever traded anymore -- that executives believe the Marlins will have to drop their price significantly to deal Cabrera. Because the requests have been jaw-dropping, teams say they don't see anything happening until the winter meetings next month.

It's possible that the west coast loser of the A-Rod sweepstakes will still pony up for Cabrera, but if this story is accurate, it seems that first Scott Boras and then the Florida Marlins have gone out of their way to turn off the Yankees' interest in their hottest properties. Which, one would think, is an odd way of doing business.

It's like McDonald's putting up a "no fat chicks" sign.

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