Friday, November 9, 2007

Your Latest Conspiracy News

According to Newsday, talents no less than Jake Peavy and Eric Bedard are being dangled -- or are at least being discussed as potentially dangleable -- as teams like the Mets look for alternatives to trading for Johan Santana.

It's likely that this is your run-of-the-mill New York media wishcasting ("hey, it's New Yawk! Everyone is going to come here eventually!). San Diego and Baltimore aren't so stupid as to deal the cornerstones of their franchises, are they?

But part of me -- the same part of me that owns all of the X-Files episodes -- wonders if this isn't more evidence suggesting that ownership has embarked on a coordinated strategy of market depression this offseason. First, every third baseman since Clete Boyer is made available this winter, then Theo and Larry encourage every GM to stand up and spill their secret plans to their would-be competitors. Now a bunch of front line starters are supposedly available? At the same time Johan will be trying to negotiate a contract extension in exchange for him dropping his no trade clause?

Collusion? I still doubt it because, my unhealthy fixation on the X-Files* notwithstanding, I tend to be the sort of guy who needs to see some actual evidence of something before I start hurling accusations, and actual evidence of nefariousness is wholly lacking at the moment.

Still, it's worth monitoring.

*Actually, the unhealthy part of the fixation is really more about Gillian Anderson, but that's not important right now.


Diesel said...

Equally as improbable explanation: GMs are finally starting to realize that the kids you get back for these soon-to-be-overpaid vets are just as, if not more, valuable.

Yeah, I know: Quit dreamin', Disel.

Diesel said...

I misspelled my own internet handle! I need a drink.

GrecoRoman said...

Not that it's a big point, but it's ERIK Bedard. With a K, don't ya know.