Thursday, November 1, 2007

Posnanski is going to get carpal tunnel

The Chunichi Dragons just won the Japan Series over the Nippon Ham Fighters on a perfect freaking game. Posnanski was there covering it all for the KC Star because Fighters' manager Trey Hillman was just hired to manage the Royals. JoePo was blogging the series to give the folks back home a taste of Hillmania.

Here's his account for the Star . Set some time aside because it is of usual Posnanskian proportions. He also claims he may write more for his personal blog when he gets back to the States.

He has an 11-hour flight ahead of him in which to write it, and I would assume that the man carries four spare laptop batteries with him just in case.

I am placing the over-under at 10,000 words.

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