Friday, November 9, 2007

Torre's Book

Torre's book deal raises two immediate questions for me:

1. Did the Dodgers know when they hired him that the man they expect to turn their dysfunctional team around and lead them into the playoffs was going to be spending most of 2008 with his mind on his old team and the last twelve years? Granted I don't have a ghost writer for ShysterBall, but I have found that my ability to multitask is inversely related to the length of whatever it is I'm writing; and

2. According to the article, Torre is getting a $1.8M advance. By comparison, Andre Agassi was given a $5M advance for his book last year. Does anyone think that nearly three times as many people are going to buy Agassi's book than Torre's?


rufuswashere said...

Here's a short version of Torre's book:

1) it was fun when we were winning
2) it was less fun when we were losing, especially in the post-season
3) I never understood Ruben Sierra or Kenny Rogers
4) Alex Rodriguez has a lot of baseball talent, but was a challenge to manage
5) Derek Jeter called me Mr. Torre

There, if he wants to forward me some of his royalties, I'd be happy to accept.

Anonymous said...

Andre Agassi has slept with more beautiful women than Joe Torre has even met. That's worth $2m of his advance by itself. He would have gotten $10m if his current marriage to a beautiful woman (Steffi Graf) didn't preclude him dissing even more dirt.

Shyster said...

I'll give you Brooke Sheilds, I suppose, wasn't Barbra Streisand in that mix too? I guess he's entitled to that money if he promised NOT to dish about doin' Babs, but if there are details of that included, I'd prefer to stay away . . .

The subject of Steffi Graf's beauty is one that could probably lead to long, animated, and contentious debates in that she is truly the missing link between scary women's tennis players in the Navratalova mode and hot women tennis players in the Sharpova mold. On different days I've found myself categorizing her on either side of that divide.

OK, we're getting off topic here . . .