Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Inevitable Batshit Crazy Terrence Moore Ken Griffey Column

Death. Taxes. The AJC's Terrence Moore's annual plea to Braves management to acquire Ken Griffey:

Let’s try this again. After all, we’ve typed these words before, but never have they made more sense. The Braves need a center fielder until their youngsters are ready, and veteran Ken Griffey Jr. loves Bobby Cox, the accomplished Braves manager, and Griffey’s Cincinnati Reds aren’t going anywhere soon.

Isn't it cute how Moore thinks that Griffey can still play center! If Griffey played the 8 for Atlanta oddsmakers would have a hard time figuring out what would happen first: Junior's hamstrings literally exploding, or the Atlanta pitching staff beating him with pillow cases full of soap, Private Pyle-style.

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