Friday, November 2, 2007

One Question Answered

In all of the Torre-to L.A. discussion, one thing that keeps popping up is whether hiring Joe makes it more or less likely that A-Rod would sign with the Dodgers. Most things I've seen about this suggest that Torre and Rodriguez weren't all that close, and that A-Rod was allegedly humiliated by being dropped down low in the batting order in the 2006 playoffs, thus chilling the relationship even further. Based on Torre's comments yesterday, it would seem that that line of thinking is out-of-date:

Torre, who managed Rodriguez in New York the past four seasons, was surprised A-Rod opted to end his contract with the Yankees.

"I know he liked it here, and I know he enjoyed the Yankees this year more than any other year," Torre said on WFAN. "We kind of forged this relationship this year and I don't know what clicked, to be honest with you, because I don't think I did anything different."

For whatever that's worth, anyway. I still think he's more likely to sign with Anaheim.

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