Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sosa Wants $7M

Sammy Sosa says he wants to play again next year -- and maybe for several more years -- provided, of course, that someone pays him $7M.
"I feel victorious, and I think I proved that I have what it takes to stay in the major leagues," he said at a news conference. The 38-year-old outfielder said he expects several offers next week when teams begin negotiations with free agents.
Show me the team that makes Sosa -- a 39 year-old DH with a barely league-average bat -- a $7M offer, and I'll show you a team that hasn't a bleedin' clue as to what it's doing.

But, hey, he's Sammy! Surely someone will want that sunny disposition and infectious enthusiasm for the game hanging around the clubhouse, right?

"It was devastating when manager Ron Washington called me into his office and told me they were going to cut back my playing time," he said. "My reaction was to go home and quit."
Um, OK, maybe not.

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Pete Toms said...

Will Sammy command $7 million? I don't think so either but then I didn't think Joel Piniero would get 2 yrs. $13 million this offseason. Pitching is more scarce than hitting though.

As for Sammy the great teammate, I appreciate and admire your sarcasm. Sosa did a masterful job of playing the media in his supporting role in the Mark McGwire American Hero story but we all know that his teammates couldn't stand him, his posse or his boombox ( remember that one? ).