Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Posnanski Book Offer

As Neyer pointed out yesterday, the incomparable Joe Posnanski is offering a special treat to those of you who buy his excellent book, The Soul of Baseball, for the holiday season:

If you buy a new copy of The Soul of Baseball and send a request to soulofbaseball@gmail.com, I will send you a personalized and signed bookplate to stick inside the book.

Oh, but that’s not all. No, if you act now you will also get a short note on specially designed “Soul of Baseball” stationary. Giving the book to your Dad, I could write, “Hi Dad!” (Available for Moms too!). I could also write the first sentence of the Gettysburg Address or the 1977 statistics of Duane Kuiper. The choice is yours.

The book is worth reading autograph or not, but this is a great deal regardless because it provides you an excellent chance to totally mess with Posnanski. As anyone who reads his blog knows, Joe is, to put it politely, never short of inspiration. Because of this, I have a notion to take him up on the offer of the autograph/holiday greeting simply to see if he can keep it limited to a single page.

My guess: after dotting the “i” in Posnanski, he'll go off on a “vowel sidebar” followed by a “sometimes y” sidebar, followed by a “jail/gaol” sidebar, followed by an approximation (albeit a far superior one) of Bill Bryson’s linguistics books, followed by half of the travel books. By the time he gets to the holiday greeting on the stationary it will be next July and he'll have somehow come out with another book by then and be 52,000 words into his analysis of the jerseys from the home run derby. All of which would be wonderful, by the way, because as I've said before, Posnanski rocks.

Buy the book because you'll love it. Also buy the book because he's got kids, and the Dora the Explorer DVDs won't buy themselves this holiday season.

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