Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Mets Are Going to Make a Big Splash. They Swear.

Obviously the offseason is young, but don't the Mets seem, in press reports at least, to be kind of desperate and ineffectual?

First they floated the "sure, we're serious about A-Rod" story, only to have that result in vaguely uncomfortable quotes from their own star third baseman. Then they made a public show of courting Posada, only to have him sign with the Yankees ten minutes after dessert was over, and forcing them to settle for Yorvit Torrealba. Now they are telling any reporter who will listen -- as opposed to other teams, it seems, that they're willing to part with all kinds of talent in order to get a big name starting pitcher.

When it comes to big-splash moves, there's far more smoke than fire coming out of Queens. If I'm a Mets fan I'm probably fine with all of this -- neither Posada nor A-Rod made sense for them -- but I get the impression that most Mets fans tend to agree with the press hype that the only moves that matter are the huge ones. If that's the case, they are probably pretty frustrated right now.

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Josh said...

As a Mets fan, can I just say I was defending Minaya about his love for the Latinos. Until yesterday. Can someone out there, anywhere explain to me where the Torrealba signing makes any sense?