Friday, November 30, 2007


The Orioles' negotiations with pitcher Erik Bedard have apparently stalled, and they are listening to offers for him. A couple of thoughts:

1) If Baltimore is truly willing to trade him, the loser of the Santana derby is going to get a nice consolation prize. Maybe one that is even better than the grand prize considering how much less one would have to give up and pay on an extension. I mean, Bedard is really good -- 3.16 ERA, 221Ks and 57 walks in 182 innings; he's eight days older than Santana and had a better 2007 -- but he doesn't have the hardware or extended track record to demand Santana money;

2) If you're an Orioles fan and they do trade Bedard, I'm pretty sure you have blanket immunity to give Peter Angelos atomic wedgies more or less whenever you want. Seriously, I think the Maryland legislature passed it as law during a special session in October.


Diesel said...

Also: Bedard's current contract has another two years on it, so there's still value for a team trading for him, even if an extension can't get settled right away.

If I'm a GM, I'm probably more interested in Bedard, for the same reason that I'd be calling Andruw Jones five times a day right now.

Grant said...

As an Orioles fan, I think those of us who are left are willing to see them trade Bedard if it brings back some nice players like Matt Kemp or something. Not gonna be good while he's still here, so might as well realy rebuild, trading everything that's not likely to be here in a couple years.

Basically, you get the sense that Bedard doesn't particularly like Baltimore and is keeping his eye on Toronto (he's Canadian).

Also, I'd caution the Mets or Dodgers or whoever that they guy is pretty private and seems to dislike talking to the media. Food for thought.