Friday, November 2, 2007

The Red Sox' 2003 Letter to Schilling

Curt Schilling has posted (with permission from Theo) the letter the Red Sox brass sent to him just before showing up on his doorstep in November 2003 in an effort to get him to come to Boston.

It's a fascinating read, walking the fine line between candor and boosterism, ass-kissing and praise, while never once (in my mind) falling to the bad side. It's the sort of letter I'd want to get from an organization silly enough to woo me. It's also the sort of letter that teams like the Pirates and Orioles couldn't write in a hundred years, even if they wanted to.

Above all else, this post shows Schilling's blog at its best, giving us the inside view that no one who hasn't played the game -- and that's almost everyone who writes a word about baseball -- could possibly write.

I hope that in the future more players follow Schilling's example and take up blogging.


rufuswashere said...

I agree with you intellectually on this one, but somehow I just can't help getting annoyed when I read this. It just seems like another example of Schilling's narcissism -- look how much they wanted me!

What a guy ...

Shyster said...

Good point, actually. Always hard to tell with Schill. In this case I'm willing to overlook his ego in the interest of a good story.