Friday, November 30, 2007


According to the Denver Post, the Rockies have deals in place for the "key cogs" of their playoff run.

Question: do they have to sign the lightning and the bottle separately, or are they a package deal?


glenn said...

Aren't they just a little full of themselves out in Denver? Must be the lack of oxygen or something

Shyster said...

It's kind of fun to watch them get all upset at the award slights and everything, but the whole notion that everything was absolutely wonderful, so let's not mess with anything is going to wind up biting them in the ass. Nice story and all, but the fact is that they were a 90 win team, and had to go on a supernatural run just to hit 90.

They could so easily be a .500 team next year. One would think, then, that they should be trying to make their team better rather than try to retain the "cogs."