Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yeah, it was Dusty

Francisco Cordero claims that it was the presence of Dusty Baker that tipped the scales in favor of him signing with the Reds. I'm sure the $46 million didn't hurt.

As I mentioned before, I don't like this deal for the Reds based on the size and length of the contract, but it's not my money and Cordero is obviously going to help the bullpen. And by taking Cordero away from a division rival, the impact is doubled. Most people don't realize that the Reds bullpen improved dramatically in the second half last year, and by adding Cordero, it could be a surprising source of strength for Cincinnati in 2008.

But that's still a long way away. For now we have this to contend with:
"(Weathers has) been in a number of roles," Baker said. "I've seen him close. I've seen him set up. He's going to be somewhere at the end of the game because he knows how to pitch. Stormy's a team man. I'm not worried about Stormy's reaction ... Stormy wants to win."


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dubbschism said...

"Stormy" I believe refers to david weathers. as in stormy weathers. you see, his last name is a regular english word, one easily modified. (i'm being facetious. fyi.) however, given that weathers was pretty much the only bright spot in cinci's bullpen last year, maybe dusty should start calling him sunny. or fair, or something along those lines. other weather-related nicknames i'd like to see in use:
-matt in-clement
-j.t. blizzard (probably a little outdated, and would have been a lot more meaningful if the dude actually hit the ball)
-tom hurricane gordon
-mike lowell-pressure system (caused tom hurricane gordon)
-also, i think that a good nickname for sydney ponson would be sydney monsoon. it just sounds like a fat guy name.

keep up the good work.