Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Royals' Jumbotron

In searching for that handsome portrait of Dayton Moore in the previous post, I came across the official blog of the Royals' front office. Even if they aren't going to be spilling a bunch of team secrets there -- most companies tend to use their blogs as conduits for press releases rather than as a forum for the usual bloggy ruminations -- I like to read "official" blogs like that from time to time because, occasionally, you stumble upon interesting stuff.

Like this post, that reveals a casualty occurred during renovations of Kauffman Stadium:

Plans to keep the "Royals" script from the JumboTron around Kauffman Stadium quickly fell apart when the actual "Royals" script fell apart. Moments after coming off the top of the JumboTron (and this blog entry getting posted), the structure broke apart. November 02, 2007.

Thankfully, it does not appear that the "Royals" script had any family.

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