Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Estrada Trade

Once upon a time I went temporarily insane as the result of Johnny Estrada being traded. Today? Meh.

The Mets blogs are rejoicing, viewing this as one of those "Great trade! Who'd we get?" kinds of deals. Brewers fans seem to think that Estrada is something of a clubhouse cancer and are happy to be rid of him. I can't say that I followed the Brewers close enough last year to remember anything happening that would justify the cancer tag, but given the disparity in talent between Estrada and Mota, one would think Brew Crew fans would be a little more miffed at the deal than they are if that wasn't true.

The Brewers bullpen is fun now, what with it containing two guys who have been busted for steroids. Milwaukee had better hope that neither of those guys break any important records or anything, because if they do, people might actually care.

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