Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Schilling Staying in Beantown

Never underestimate the power of a good boot-lick. A few days after Schilling waxed effusive about the class of the Red Sox front office, he reports that:

Talks with the Red Sox are moving. Theo and I have spoken multiple times daily over the past week and given the current situation I am feeling very confident that we will be able to finalize a 1 year contract to allow us a chance to finish our career as members of the Red Sox organization.

There are some things to iron out and details that must be finalized for both sides but barring something unforeeen [usual Schilling sic] or outrageously odd happening I feel very comfortable that I will finish my career here.

So that looks close to done. And, if he really is getting a one year deal and that deal makes him comfortable that he is going to finish his career in Boston, we're looking at 2008 as the farewell tour as well. Which was expected I suppose. The point is that Schilling hadn't previously announced it.

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Pete Toms said...

Is there a player in MLB who loves the limelight more than Schilling? Or has a bigger ego? I don't think he could leave Beantown because he wouldn't receive the same amount of media attention or fan adoration anywhere else.

I'm still hoping the bloody sock hoax is proven true.