Tuesday, November 20, 2007


While folks talk about how baseball isn't taking root in the American inner-city anymore because it costs a lot to build a field and buy equipment, over in the genocide and subsistence farming-rich country of Rwanda, the Kigali Institute of Education is setting up a baseball program:

According to Nkusi, baseball is one of the sports that are being handled at the training camp that is open to all holiday makers around KIE . . . At the end of the training camp, children aged 8 and above will be awarded certificates of participation. However, Nkusi also pointed out that those who show good potential of growing into formidable players will be closely followed up in their respective schools.

That sound you hear is Billy Beane rushing to find a roving scout who speaks Kinyarwanda while Michael Lewis frantically types the first chapter of Tutsiball.

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