Sunday, May 11, 2008


Pardon the politics for a moment, but reader Howard Horn writes in with a link to a choice story. Howard writes:
Maybe this is beating a dead horse, but at least this has more practical implication to many of your readers than soccer or cricket. Apparently, Obama has a person on his team who applies an almost sabermatical analysis for courting delegates.
The general parameters of the story -- a quiet unknown puts his head down and figures out how nominations are really won while the so-called experts ignore the manifest logic of it all -- tracks the Bill James/sabermetrics profile pretty closely, right down to the salt-and-pepper beard and blunt talk. Basically, delegates = runs, and runs are all that matter. James is even given a quick name check in the article.


tadthebad said...

Shyster, too bad a conservative could not apply this approach, huh? Ugh. More Obama. Yeah.

Craig Calcaterra said...

No need for a conservative to do it because the GOP does winner-take-all primaries.

Just wait, Tad. If/when Obama wins, I'm going to request that the Department of Commerce nationalize this blog for the sole purpose of enraging you and my other conservative readers. ;-)

tadthebad said...

Craig, you're such a shyster.

In all seriousness, my comment was inappropriate for the forum, so I apologize. Got a bit of pent-up energy due to "vacationing" in Nebraska (call it "in-law guilt"). However, please be advised that your blog is the furthest thing from enraging. Hopefully you already knew that.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Just bustin' your balls, buddy.