Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Roof At Miller Park

Leitch files a dispatch from Miller Park and notes something disturbing:
A word, however, on Miller Park, and that retractable roof. The roof has been closed for every game so far this season, and we asked about 15 different people why that was — it didn't rain either day — and got about 15 different answers. (The Brewers have had tons of problems with their roof anyway.) Some said it was because it takes forever to open, some said it has to be a perfect day, some said the ball carries better inside and the struggling Brewers offense needed all the help it could get. But no one seemed to really understand why, and that includes several reporters who could, conceivably, ask.

I've only been to Miller Park once. There were storms in the area so the roof was closed and I didn't think anything of it. If this is true, though, and they just never open the roof, I would be truly sad. Miller Park has its good points and bad ones, but I had an awfully good time the one night I was there. It seems like a great, knowledgeable fan base -- I watched the Brewers-Pirates on a weeknight after both were out of the race and everyone still had fun -- who deserves the best they can get.

One of the only redeeming qualities of Midwestern weather are the nice summer nights, and it would be a shame if the Brewers never let their fans enjoy them properly.


Anonymous said...

The roof is closed quite a bit through May, but it's open for the rest of the summer. Once its consistently above 60 in the evening (and we haven't been close yet this spring) it will only be closed when it's raining.

Osmodious said...

On a related note...what the hell is the deal with all these new ballparks in the north being built without any thought to inclement weather?

I mean, my brother lives in Minneapolis, and they just had snow. In May. The Yankees have been playing in 40-45 temperatures (with lots of rain) all season.

Neither teams' new stadium will have a retractable, or even fixed, roof. The new Yankee Stadium is already over budget, which means it will blow right past the original price of $1.2billion...with no roof.

I agree that indoor baseball is not as enjoyable as outdoor baseball, but sometimes you would rather see the game...especially with ticket prices, parking, etc. being what they are (not to mention the inconvenience of getting to the ballpark, time taken off work, etc.). Rainouts cost fans a lot of money and aggravation...

joshjs said...

I'm from Milwaukee and have attended well over a hundred games at Miller Park. I don't know why the roof was closed on the day in question, but I can tell you that it's unusual for the roof to be closed on a reasonably nice day.

So we do okay. Roofwise, at least.