Thursday, May 22, 2008

Close Reading

In case you forgot how hard it is to play or manage in New York, here's a friendly reminder:
I tried to determine if SportsNet New York creates a negative portrait of Randolph, the Mets’ manager, through its camerawork, as he told The Record of Hackensack, N.J., on Sunday, in an article filled with fulminations, for which he apologized Wednesday.

My answers: yes and no. If the Mets lose, it’s standard procedure to show a manager reacting to what hurts his team or uttering a profanity. If they win, it’s proper to show the manager clapping, fist-bumping, cheering and shouting. Yes, Willie, SNY wants to show you when your pitchers surrender home runs or your fielders make errors.

No, that's not a random blogger at work. That's a full-fledged reporter for the biggest newspaper in the world devoting several hours of viewing and 1000 words to Willie Randolph's body language over the course of two full games.

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dubbschism said...

yes, but how many commas did he devote to wille randolph? because there are seven in just that first sentence.