Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magowan Out

It's more or less official: Peter Magowan is going to step down as head of the Giants' ownership group.

I had heard something about this a couple of months ago via a friend of a friend kind of thing, but I'm not a reporter so I really didn't have a way of confirming it in any responsible way. For what it's worth, though, my source conveyed a second part of this at the time, and that's that Sabean is a dead man walking as well, with the plan being for the new owner to couch it in terms of him simply wanting his own guy. The reality, though, is that the ownership group has wanted him gone too.

Not that it matters, really, because (1) A new leader probably does want a new guy anyway; and (2) there are plenty of reasons to can Sabean separate and apart from an ownership change.

Hire DePodesta. Now. Yesterday.


Mark Runsvold said...

I never heard how that bad GM contest on the what's-it-called blog turned out. I'm going to assume Sabean won, though, because he probably should have. Good riddance, if in fact the rumors are true.

John Peterson said...

Sabean won, of course. Followed by Ed Wade. I am in the heinous process of ranking every GM in baseball. Sabean: