Sunday, May 11, 2008

DePodesta Starts a Blog

The Padres Special Assistant for Baseball Operations (read: Giants' GM-elect) Paul DePodesta, started a blog late Friday night:
I began thinking about hosting a blog about a year ago, and back in January I took the first big step by starting an internal blog for employees of the Padres. The idea all along was to someday create an external blog to engage in a direct dialogue with our fans. Well, given the events of the past few weeks, that "someday" is now . . .

. . . So, I'm here, and I'd like to be a part of the conversation. I'll do my best to reply to comments/questions, though I can't promise punctual responses or regular posts. After all, just like everyone else out there, I already have a job. :-)

Hit me with whatever you have and let's get out of this slump together.
Welcome to the conversation, Paul! And good move keeping the neutral color scheme/title. That way you won't have to change anything once you move up to San Francisco!


Pete Toms said...

Wow, he's very, very handsome! ( Better looking than Beane for my money ) Guess I'm a saber bigot. I always assumed he was geeky looking because, well, he's a baseball geek.

No doubt Mr. DePodesta has many intelligent and interesting opinions about matters baseball but I wonder how candid he can be given his current job.

Craig Calcaterra said...

He's certainly better looking than Jim Campbell or Syd Thrift.

As for the candidness, he pretty much cops to having to be careful what he says in one of his first couple of posts. I'm pretty taken with the idea of these insider blogs (his, Schilling's, etc.), and I think they're the future of fan-player interaction, but we pretty much have to accept that we're not going to get the kind of poop we'd hope to get from them.

Pete Toms said...

True enough, this is the present and the future, teams speaking directly to fans. The Mets via SNY ( I think ) have partnered with a popular Mets blogger. Ricciardi does a weekly call in ( I've never heard it ). I also think the restrictions that the NFL & MLB imposed on electronic media are part of this move to "control the message", so to speak.

None of it appeals to me but I'm a 46 year old curmudgeon.