Tuesday, May 20, 2008


From today's Angels/Dodgers Report in the LA Times (fourth item down):
Nomar Garciaparra's recovery from a strained left calf appears to have stalled, and the Dodgers third baseman is scheduled to undergo a battery of tests this week.

"This thing just won't go away," Torre said. "He's tried to run and jog and it's still there. . . . Hopefully, this week we'll have some kind of idea where we are with him."

If you replace "thing" with "guy" and "it's" with "he's" in Torre's quotes, you have a pretty good idea of how Dodgers' fans feel about Nomar's status on the Dodgers' roster.


Ernesto said...

So sad how Nomar's bat completely fell off the face of the earth. He used to crush the ball. I remember a Peter Gammons Notes column in the Boston Globe from one of his first 3-4 years. In it, he told a story of a time when Jim Rice and Eddie Murray (at the time, Boston and Baltimore's batting coaches) were talking hitting during a series between their teams. Rice shows Murray Nomar's bat and Murray is in awe because all of the marks of the ball were on the barrel of the bat. Keep in mind that this is a guy who was a notorious free swinger. He had an incredible ability to get good wood on any ball within 6 inches of the strike zone.

Anonymous said...

i'm a Dodger fan, and i wish he would go away.