Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Munson and Fisk

Rob Neyer's new book is getting some nice, free, non-Insider exposure over at ESPN in the form of an excerpt about the Thrumon Munson-Carlton Fisk rivalry. Was Thurmon Munson so competitive that he'd repeatedly drop strike three in order to beat out Pudge for the assists title?

Click through to find out, and buy the book to read over 100 more of these kinds of things. It's well worth it.


Chris H. said...

I'll second the suggestion to get this book -- I bought it a while back and have absolutely loved every story.

Christopher Bates said...

I too have read the book, and I would like to be the voice of dissent (somewhat).

First of all, Neyer's work is usually great, and the concept is a good one However, I think this book needed another month of work, and one more good edit before it was ready for release.

To begin with, it is full of typos and other grammatical errors. On top of that, a few of the articles are barely comprehensible--I had to read three or four times to understand them. Also, Neyer sometimes does bizarre things that an editor should have put a stop to--like write in the voice of a fictional baseball writer.

Perhaps my greatest complaint, however, is that Neyer didn't do enough legwork in many cases. He will double-check some elements of a story, and will allow some leeway for error, but often won't examine all possible avenues to find any possible kernels of truth.