Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bonds Re-indicted

The feds went back and fixed their flawed indictment. Nothing new here -- no new lies charged, no new charges brought. Which is fine by me, because that means my original handicapping of Barry's chances still stands. Upshot: if Bonds' lawyers are smart and raise doubt as to the context of the questions and answers given during Bonds' grand jury testimony, Bonds wins. If they allow things to get muddled and the government is allowed to make this case about whether or not Barry ever took steroids -- which, technically, it is not -- Bonds will lose.

And speaking of Bonds, let's put an end to the collusion talk, because there are plenty of reasons why he isn't on a team's roster right now.

(thanks to Jason at IIATMS for the link)


Jason said...

couldn't help but humming the classic "re-indicted and it feels so goo-ood" from Peaches & Herb.

Craig Calcaterra said...

I may be a year or two younger than you, because my first thought was:

Re-indicted -- with my baby
Re-indicted -- after all
Re-indicted -- with my baby
Re-indicted -- after the fall