Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Moments in Prospect Mismanagement

After what seems like years of jerking Andy LaRoche around, the Dodgers are now turning him into a utility guy:
With rookie Blake DeWitt looking as if he has solidified his place as the Dodgers' starting third baseman, Andy LaRoche has started playing first base for triple-A Las Vegas as part of a plan to increase the ways he can help the big league club . . .

. . . "We're going to move him all over the infield with the anticipation that when he comes up to this level, that if we want to get [starting first baseman James] Loney out of there against a certain left-hander, we can do that," Manager Joe Torre said. "It's just more options for us."
If you're a savvy GM, you'd have to think you could steal LaRoche from the Dodgers at this point, no?

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