Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Trot Nixon on why he's not on a big league club right now:
“You can ask why all day long, and you may never find the answer,” Nixon
said. “You just keep plugging away and doing what you can to help the team win
ballgames, and let that decision be made by other front offices.”

I would hope and expect that Nixon would never answer a question like "why aren't you on a major league roster" by saying "because I'm circling the drain," but the answer is pretty clear:

2003: .306/.396/.578
2004: .315/.377/.510
2005: .275/.357/.446
2006: .268/.373/.394
2007: .251/.342/.336

Yes, he's raking at AAA right now, but as declines go, they don't come more obvious. It always amazes me when reporters seek out former major leaguers on their way back down the ladder for comment on this sort of thing. He's either going to say he's still got it or else you're going to get an awkward and depressing quote, and who really wants to hear that?


Dre said...

Well, the easy answer to this question was that up until Friday, AZ's 40 man roster was full and no obvious roster move available to give Trot the call. But all that changed when Brandon Medders was DFA'd. Its painfully obvious that Eric Byrnes either needs to ride the pine on a regular basis or hit the DL to get his hamstrings healthy. Of course, he "breaks" out of his 6 week slump with 2 HRs over the weekend and probably bought himself some more time. That said, I think the general consensus among any DBacks fan with a brain is that we'd rather see Nixon get a shot for a couple weeks. He's no savior, but he can't perform any worse than Byrnes has been. With Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds struggling as well, this team needs something to kick it back into gear.

themarksmith said...

The inconsistency is all apart of being a young team. They'll figure it out because they have too much talent not to. As for Byrnes, even though people say that he doesn't feel as though he has to carry the team, I do see a correlation between Byrnes' May slide, Upton's May slide, and the team's struggles. I think when you're the only $10 million dollar man, there is more pressure, whether you want to admit it or not. Nixon might help as a platoon, but I doubt if he is a decent solution.

Dre said...

Just gotta hope that Byrnes has sucked because of his injuries and not sucked because he's showing his true skill set. This team needs him to be average (100 OPS+) especially after wasting $30M on him. If he can get healthy and produce at that clip, the signing will still look foolish but not a tragedy.

Pete Toms said...

I didn't click through to the article but....am I imagining it or are there more veteran minor league "organizational" type players on big leauge rosters this season? Off the top of my head, ( and I know some of these guys have been demoted ) Rico Washington, Luis Rivas, Hauffpair ( sic probably ), Nick Evans, Fernando Tatis, Jorge Velandia, Augie Ojeda, Paul Janish ( ok, injuries ), Luis Maza, Joe Inglett, Elliot Johnson, Brandon Boggs ( is he in this category? ), Marci / Macri? Msomething ( the Twins IF )

I don't know, my instincts tell me that reading the boxscores this season I have run across more unfamiliar ( most of those above I knew of prior to this season ) names than in previous seasons.


Pete Toms said...

I take that back, I counted and I did NOT know most of those players prior to this season. Am I a failed geek?

Dre said...

So amazingly, we finally see Byrnes put on the DL yesterday but Alex Romero gets the call instead of Nixon.

Pete Toms said...

Add Romero to my list.