Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Never Too Early to Start Your Christmas Shopping

There are still 120 games and a postseason to go before free agency, but the Teixeira-watch has already begun in New York:
At some point today, during a day-night doubleheader at Turner Field in Atlanta, Teixeira likely will stand next to Delgado at first base, allowing Mets fans to imagine him manning that position next year. The way things have gone for Delgado at Shea Stadium for the past year and a half, a replacement as perfect as Teixeira is a Mets fan's dream.

Of course, it won't be that easy.

If a Yankees fan happens to be flipping channels today and comes across the Mets-Braves game, perhaps while Teixeira is showing off his sweet swing with a double into the gap, it won't be hard to imagine the Braves first baseman in pinstripes, tipping his cap at the new Yankee Stadium next April as the replacement for Jason Giambi.

I'm sure he'll come around this season, but given that Teixeira is hitting .247/.335/.411 for Atlanta right now, it's possible that many New York fans will be less than enthralled.


Anonymous said...

He's always been a slow starter... normally picks it up right about now.

Jason said...

Here's a giant "just sayin'" for ya:

Just sayin' that Jeter is 34 years old and his range isn't improving over the next few. Posada is 37, suffering from a bum shoulder and is in the first year of a 4 year deal.

At some point, one of these guys will have to play first and the other will have to DH.

Ernie Banks moved from SS at age 31 to play another 10 years at 1b.

If the Yanks do indeed sign Teix to a whopper multi-year deal, either Jeter's going to stay at SS, defense be damned or Posada will remain a C and possess a cannon equal to Damon's.

Just sayin'

Dre said...

Teix might be thinking this is a tryout... 3 for 3 with a walk today

Jason, New York said...

You know I am still wearing the uniform right now, could you back off a bit, plus this gold thong is really starting to itch. And I bet you Mark can't pull off the just got out of the shower look, you know with my hair being wet all the time.