Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dusty Being Dusty


A. Dusty Baker won't take Corey Patterson out of the leadoff spot because "He's going to get going. Usually guys end up where their average always is"; and

B. Corey Patterson's average "always is" around a walk-free .250; then

C. Dusty has admitted he doesn't understand the purpose of the leadoff postion and should be fired immediately.

Not that I needed to tell you that. As a lawyer, though, I always try to use party admissions over mere argument whenever possible.


Chris H. said...

Dusty's utter lack of baseball knowledge is well documented. The fact that the Reds still hired him, when it's obvious to even the most casual observer that a potted plant knows more about baseball than Dusty does, should be a damning indictment of the Reds organization.

Ernesto said...

I love that he's using sabermetric principles (regressing to his mean) in a completely inacurrate context.

Mark Runsvold said...

He's got to be part of the reason Krivsky was fired. I just wonder why they didn't can him immediately after that firing. How many more times does he need to display proud ignorance of things fundamental to success at his job before something is done? How many more times does he need to let Edinson Volquez throw 120+ pitches, in blowouts, in May?

cf said...

Surprisingly, i've gotta say i like dusty as a broadcaster. I thoroughly enjoyed his work on the radio for espn in the playoffs last year. Seemed like a nice guy, and didn't say anything wacky. If only he could do the same thing while managing.

Mark Runsvold said...

Apparently, I misunderestimated Dusty with my pitch count comment. Running a young pitcher out for 7 innings and 118 pitches in a 9-0 game in May is ridiculous, but doesn't approach the infamous Prior/Wood abuse.

Blocking the number one or two prospect in baseball with a glorified 4th outfielder is more than enough stupid to go around anyway. Maybe Dusty's concerned that Bruce's ability to get on base regularly combined with his low steal success rate (40 for 64) will result in some dangerous base cloggage.

David Moriarty said...

The thing about Dusty is that, throughout his career, his players love playing for him. And he gets a lot of value out of the fringe guys. But everyone here is right, what he says makes no sense.

Can't Jocketty send the order down from on high, take Patterson out of the leadoff spot? Seems to me Billy Beane was able to do that sort of thing to Art Howe in Moneyball.