Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cloak and Dagger

This is over a week old, but I just saw it. From DePodesta's blog, about the lengths scouts will go to in order to keep their activities secret:
Sometimes the gamesmanship goes a little too far. A few weeks ago I was leaving a high school game and on my way to another one. I was expecting to be in the car for at least an hour, so I planned to stop at the bathroom before leaving. With no indoor bathroom in site, the port-o-potty on the way to the parking lot was the only option.

As I approached, I thought I heard a voice. It was only when I reached out my hand to grab the door handle that I heard the voice loud and clear. It was a scout, inside the port-o-potty, on his cell phone reporting what other teams were in attendance at the game. Out of respect for his effort (and sacrifice), I kept walking.

This may be a little more Austin Powers than 007, but it does illustrate the competitive nature of the draft. We all know what players we like, and none of us are telling. :-)
I dunno. Maybe it says more about the food available on the road than it does the desire for secrecy. Keith Law would be your scouting/culinary expert here, so I'll leave any further comments on that to him.

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