Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"Dodgers fans, you have a stud pitcher on your hands for the next few years who exhibits all the performance of a Sandy Koufax without the mechanical flaws."

Well then.


Jason said...

CC, the perfect title for this could have/should have been:

"Great Moments In Hyperbole"

Craig Calcaterra said...

The only thing that kept me from that is the fact that they're (sorta) limiting their analysis to mechanics, and I don't deign to know anything about mechanics. It may be (probably is) overwrought hyperbole, but there may be some narrow mechanical explanation for it that allows them to slither off the hook.

Jason said...


The experts said the same about Mark Prior's "flawless mechanics" as well as, more recently, Phil Hughes.

All that said, I'm always excited to see some young kid come in and tear up seasoned pros. Perfect mechanics or not.

Chris H. said...

Well...mechanics aren't really agreed upon. The origin of the "perfect mechanics" remark re: Prior was his high school coach, IIRC. There is plenty of debate; Chris O'Leary thinks that Prior's mechanics are severely flawed, but other experts disagree.

We shall see what happens.