Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mr. Redlegs, Recovering Nicely

My office is on the seventh floor of a building at the corner of Broad and High Streets in downtown Columbus, Ohio. For reasons that aren't clear to me -- and obviously have nothing to do with my productivity as an employee -- I have a beautiful corner office with a view of the Ohio Statehouse.

Today, while gazing out my window, I noticed a big to-do on the Statehouse lawn. Seems it was the Ohio Tourism Month Celebration. I didn't walk over because it's too depressing to be reminded of what passes for attractions in Ohio, but I could see Mr. Redlegs -- no longer decapitated -- walking around Capitol Square, saying hello to all of the state employees on their smoke breaks. Best part: Mr. Redlegs and his handlers left about 15 minutes ago, making their departure in a tricked-out Lincoln Navigator festooned with all kinds of Reds stuff.

Based on the gas that vehicle is burning on its way down I-71 right now, the Reds will likely have to play tonight's game with the lights off in order to maintain their carbon-neutral rating.

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