Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brian Sabean is Delusional

He thinks the Giants can contend . . . . .this season:
"I think we've come a long way," Sabean said. "When you consider some of our challenges in spring training and some of the question marks, we've got to be considered one of the most improved teams in baseball."
Of course Sabean fails to mention that the "challenges in spring training" and the "question marks" are attributable to his failure to develop talent, clear dead wood, and correctly evaluate where his team is on the success cycle.

But what else is he going to say? His champion -- Magowan -- is being pushed aside, and I'd bet my second born (my firstborn just learned how to fetch beer from the fridge so she's currently indispensable) that Sabean's butt is going to be on the unemployment line before the All-Star break.

He probably knows it too, and is looking for a way to spin the Giants' ultimate, ugly demise this season in his favor. Assuming he's fired, look for a quote from him come October along the lines of "well, things looked promising in the Spring. If the ownership group had stayed the course and let make the moves I had in mind, maybe things would have turned out better."

UPDATE: Lest you think I'm some lone nut railing against Sabean, check this out, by frequent ShysterBall commenter John Peterson. And for more on the whole Sabean-Magowan poop sandwich, check out the latest from Maury Brown.

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