Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Try Again

Everybody wants to blame everything on gas prices. This from AAA (the auto club, not the minors) spokesman Gregg Laskowski:
“We’ve got a winning baseball team in Tampa Bay, and they have the best record in baseball, … but they’re still not filling that stadium. I can’t help but think that [the price of gas] is part of this reason,” he said.
Out of fourteen American league teams, only three -- Boston, Detroit, and one other team -- have a higher average attendance so far this year than last year.* Wanna guess which team it is? I'll give you a hint: the answer makes the guy who gave that quote look a little stupid.

There are many reasons why the Rays can't sell out that stadium, but the price of gas isn't one of them.

*I realize comparing last year's total average attendance to this year's average attendance to date is an apples/oranges thing, but it is my assumption that after school lets out, the averages for this year will only get higher all around, thus keeping the Rays ahead of schedule from last year.

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