Friday, May 30, 2008

The IBL Is No More

Last year when only about 11 people were reading this blog, I wrote several posts about the Israel Baseball League. And now? It is no more:
According to (league president Haim) Katz, the league's problems stemmed largely
from a number of Israeli creditors who, he said, had not been paid by the IBL.
"2008 is not happening, 2009 we're working on. Right now it's [nearly] the first
of June, and there's no preparation. But there are many parties interested in
reviving professional baseball [in Israel]."

Or we'll never see it again.

(link via Walkoff Walk)


jamesfinngarner said...

That's sad news. I was so stoked for the league that I wrote a poem last year about the IBL for our baseball poetry blog,

To the Holy Land arid and brown
Comes a pastime of bases and balls,
Where a slugger might smack one downtown,
As the summertime slows to a crawl.

From Modi’in to Petach, they field nine
On a diamond so green near the sand,
While a host of young players will shine
With the shade of Hank Greenberg at hand.

Just one problem: whene’er a young moose
With sharp eye takes four balls, hanging tough,
He won’t take his base, claiming, “We Jews
“Have been walking since Moses! Enough!”

Sandy Koufax said... reported this back in April, and they've been covering every step of the Israel baseball scandals since August.

The Jerusalem Post largely ignored the story until no and then used all of Tabloid Baby's work without attribution.

Give credit where credit is due!

See their archive site here