Thursday, May 29, 2008

God, I Love Baseball

Nick Blakeley reports from Kansas City:

I arrived at Kauffman Stadium early yesterday to watch the Twins take batting practice before they tore the hearts out of Jose Guillen and myself. There were a lot of Twins fans around and some of them were hollering up to the press box to try to catch the attention of Bert Blyleven, who calls Twins games on TV.

These guys managed to pique Bert's interest and before long, Bert started throwing peanuts from the press box (a good 50-foot toss) in an attempt to get them in the Twins fan's cap. After a couple of misses, he started hitting the fan's cap with regularity and probably threw about a dozen before smiling, waving and returning to more announcer-ly duties.

When you're a Royals fan, you have to find joy in the little things, even if it means watching your opponent's broadcast team shoot 50-foot free throws into the caps of eager fans.

I heard that Don Sutton only made a half dozen peanut shots last time he was in Kansas City, yet he's favored to win the Frick Award before Blyleven does!


Ron Rollins said...

Sadly, that's the highlight of the season at Kaufman so far. And will probably remain so.

Nick said...

Maybe we should trade for Blyleven and he can fill a spot in the back of our bullpen until Nunez comes back from the DL.

Ron Rollins said...

Can he play SS? I know he can stil outhit Pena.

Nick said...

That's for sure. Of course, so can my mom.