Friday, May 16, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

With the way the Mets and Yankees are playing right now, you're probably not going to see anything this exciting in the Stadium this weekend:
Newly minted NYU grad William Lopez turned a day of pomp and circumstance at Yankee Stadium into a day of cop and gown when he took off his pants, dashed onto the field and tried to steal home.

Ignoring warnings to stay off the field, Lopez gave in to a spur of the moment impulse and, wearing just boxers, beige socks and brown laceups under his purple gown, he hopped the fence behind first base and raced across the diamond.

Lopez tagged third, hung on to his cap and chugged down the baseline toward home - cheered on by many classmates.

A security guard tackled him before he reached the plate.

"As I was on the ground and they were holding me, I was literally trying to crawl toward the plate," Lopez told the Daily News. "What I think is really funny about this is I got arrested for trespassing at my own graduation."

After the ceremony, Hank Steinbrenner was quoted as saying that he wanted his team to "play the Lopez way."


Jason said...


well played, sir.

Afterwards, Lopez, already unable to secure a full time job due to the recession, was simultaneously signed by the Mets AND Yanks to work on their baserunning skills.

Johnny Wills said...

Fantastic as always. Two quick things: the Daily News doesn't do justice to just how huge the "tackle" by Yankee Stadium security was. Will Lopez got walloped. Hard. Also, Michael Strahan was on hand for graduation, so this could have been much worse. (Or far greater). I quote your hilarious work and discuss what happened in greater depth at, if you have a moment. Otherwise, thanks for all the great work.