Monday, May 19, 2008

Splice Today Interview

Tired of listening to me spout off?

If not, Russ Smith of Splice Today interviewed me over the weekend and is running the very, very lengthy results.


melodyjbf said...

Hey Craig,
Thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading your interview. I'm a big fan of Ball Four as well... I think it's as much about life (negotiating relationships, the work environment, getting older, understanding one's own identity) as it is about baseball. And Bouton tells a hell of a story, too. I still sometimes open it up and read a few pages, just for fun.

Pete Toms said...

C, good interview.

Randomly ( as always ).

Red Sox / Yanks, is there too much media coverage? You're preachin to the choir when you say no. Every other owner, every player, every agent, everybody employed in the baseball industry, every sports media outlet that covers MLB, should wake up every day and thank goodness that these two teams exist. They generate and spread around a lot of dough ( I get the impression Tom Werner has had enough of sharing this much of his dough but I digress ). And yes everybody complains about the Yankees and competitive imbalance but they are the biggest road draw and the biggest TV draw and so on and so on..

The comment you received from an agent re. the locked in commissions on long term deals for newbie big leaguers is really interesting and a viewpoint I had not seen expressed previously. I said before here and I reiterate, the day of the holdout is returning. Some of these guys are gonna learn several years down the road that they left tens of millions of dollars on the table and they will be bitter. ( Having said that, I'll have no sympathy ) This is a brilliant move by management to control labor costs however.

Vegas, never been but I also question if it is a legitimate big league market. Don't know if the corporate dollars are there. You're right, MLB's relationship with gambling is big and getting bigger, a Vegas franchise would be the least of it.