Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cal Ripken Way

The Iron Man is getting a stretch of highway named after him:
Former Baltimore Oriole Cal Ripken Jr. has the record for the most consecutive games played in baseball. He has his own computer game, three books, a World Series ring, a satellite radio show and two minor league baseball teams.

Now baseball's "Iron Man" will have a section of Baltimore's Interstate 395 named after him. A stretch of I-395 between Interstate 95 and Conway Street outside Camden Yards will be renamed "Cal Ripken Way."
The official opening is tomorrow morning. Reconstruction and resurfacing is scheduled for summer 2024.


Jason said...

All cars & trucks involved in accidents, mishaps and break downs will not be allowed to pull over. They must continue on until they DL Alley Blvd.

Jeff J. Snider said...

You totally forgot to mention that I named my son after Cal. Silly Craig.