Friday, May 30, 2008

And That Happened

Short one this morning. I was watching Lost like everyone else last night.

Mets 8, Dodgers 4: David Wright owns Brad Penny: 11-for-19, 4 HR, 5 BB.

Pirates 7, Reds 2: On Sunday, Dusty Baker decided to use Aaron Harang for four innings of relief in an extra-innings game. As a result of that -- and because he used Edinson Volquez the same way -- he had to reshuffle his rotation and throw Harang on three days' rest. The result: 4 IP, 10 H, 6 ER and the Reds' never having a chance.

Cardinals 3, Astros 2: Albert Pujols is at .359/.483/.630, with 13 dingers. Isn't he supposed to be missing an elbow or something?

Twins 5, Royals 1: The Kansas City bullpen pitches 3.2 innings of scoreless relief. It's a night too late, but in Kansas City, this passes for progress.

Blue Jays 12, A's 0: I noted in a BTF thread yesterday that no one should count the Yankees out yet because last year at this time they had a worse record and were 14.5 games back, only to rally and take the wild card. What I didn't think about at the time was that, unlike last year, no one in that division -- not even the Orioles -- is going to roll over and play dead this time around. Certainly not the Jays who, while no one is paying attention, are sneaking up on Boston and Tampa Bay.

White Sox 5, Rays 1: A month ago it was fashionable to say that the Sox were in first place by default and the collective futility of the competition. Now they've won 12 of 15, and someone, at some point, is going to have to give Ozzie Guillen credit for something besides his mouth.

Braves 8, Brewers 1: Chipper Jones goes 2-4, 2 BB and is now up to .420, with an OBP of an even .500. Mercy. Reclamation project Jorge Campillo pitches lights out again, only to have to leave early due to blisters for the second straight outing. Greenbrier East High School's own Seth McClung was less impressive his second time out (4.2 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 6 BB). He'll have to do better than that if he ever wants to pass Bimbo Coles and Johnny Olson as Lewisburg's most famous native son.

Padres 5, Nationals 2: San Diego has scored 25 runs in the past four games which, for them anyway, is a major accomplishment.


Ron Rollins said...

What I don't get is why does everyone always worry about what Guillens says, or any other manager, for that matter. Their job is manage a baseball team, not be a public relations director.

Obviously, you don't want people embarrasing the "company", but don't we really expect this from sports.

Its one of the few places where people are still allowed to shoot their mouth off, and its reasonable acceptable. There are limits, of course.

The world is getting to PC for my tastes when anyone starts thinking anything that Guillen, or Steinbrenner or anyone, says actually affects the world we live in. Becasue at the end of the day, its still just a game and not life or death. The greatest game, but still a game.

If Ozzie can be a succesful manager, thats all that matters. Because the rest of it comes down to "sticks and stones".

But I haven't had a beer in 2 days, so I might not be thinking correctly at the moment.

Dre said...

And That Also Happened:

Randy Johnson pitched another gem and tied Roger Clemens for #2 on the all time strikeout list with a 9K performance. The bullpen squandered away win #289. For anyone who hasn't noticed... RJ has been lights out his last 3 starts.

Monroe said...

Harang's performance yesterday was clearly related to Dusty's misuse of him on Sunday. Now tonight, we get to see if Volquez suffers as well. The fact is, Josh Fogg should have stayed in that game in the 11th inning. After all, he was one out away from winning the game and he's the only real long man the bullpen has. Weird that the Reds think enough of Fogg to start him tomorrow, but not enough to live or die with him last Sunday.

If thinking Corey Patterson is a legitimate lead off hitter isn't enough to disqualify someone as a major league manager, the way Dusty handled that game on Sunday should be.