Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Right Between the Eyes

Jason at IIATMS is raising a catcher. Donations in the form of bandages, ice packs, crutches, and Advil can be left just behind the backstop at the little league field.


Jason said...

Thanks Craig. Glad you liked the story. Thought it would fit with your "God I love baseball" theme.

Pete Toms said...

My oldest who is 7 played his first Little League game on Monday, he loved it. He got his uni ( a T shirt & hat ) on Saturday. He is a Yankee and in the random distribution of t shirts was given # 2. ( if he scores only 1% of the ass of the real #2 he'll be a happy man ).

He tried soccer a few years ago and didn't like it. ( Thank goodness for small mercies ).

Jason said...

Pete, thanks for the awkward laugh you gave me about your son achieving some % of jeter's notches.

Chris H. said...

My son (now 17) played a couple of years of Pony League ball.

He mostly played 2B, though like most he spent some time at other positions as well. Naturally I had dreams of a little Ryne Sandberg, though alas he ended up hitting more like Rey Sanchez. (Except eventually he figured out how to start taking walks, since at that age most pitchers have control issues.) Poor kid is saddled with my genes.

I went to every game except maybe one or two -- an advantage of working from home with a flexible schedule. More than once I'd had an offer of a job that paid more, but I didn't want to give up this flexibility, and watching my son's baseball games was one piece of that.

One day my son's in the field at second, with two on and one out and the pitcher was laboring. The batter rifles a line drive towards right-center. Without thinking, my son reflexively stuck his glove out and caught the thing. Everyone in the crowd jumped up and cheered loudly (or maybe that was just me -- but it was a home game and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one). My son didn't even realize he'd caught it at first, but once he did he lobbed it to first to double off the runner.

It was a great baseball moment, and a fantastic dad moment.

Like Jason said..."God I love baseball."