Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Capitol Punishment Goes Dark

Chris Needham is calling it quits:
It's Time.

Way back in October 2004, I started writing the blog, not really knowing what to expect, and certainly not expecting that it would get to be as big (relatively speaking) is it is, nor would it have given me some of the opportunities it has.I started for two simple reasons.

First, I wanted an outlet for my writing. My day job has me doing lots of godawful writing. Heretofores. Whereases. Convoluted clauses that wrap around themselves. It's not a particularly fun type of writing, and I wanted something that I'd enjoy more. Something a bit more conversational. I didn't want to be stuck writing that boring way for the rest of my life. I wanted an outlet.

Second, I didn't want to bore my girlfriend to tears. I didn't know a heck of a lot about the Expos. Writing about them would help me to learn, to help me discover the team. As I learn things, I want to share them. Rather than boring her with details about Brad Wilkerson and TJ Tucker, I wrote about them here.

But things change. I've done plenty of writing these last few years. Lord knows how many books I've essentially written. And finding new things to say is tough. (I'd say 'interesting' things, too, but that'd imply that half my posts were!)

It's time to move on.
I'm sad to see you go, Chris. There are a lot of people stuck in government offices who now read my scribblings because you sent them here with your generous linkage.

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