Friday, July 11, 2008

The Year in Frivolity Part II

The second part of my two part first-half review is up over at Baseball Analysts.


Anonymous said...


Loved both parts, clearly you are wasting your time in the lawyer biz. My buddy, let's call him The Rodent, graduated Harvard Law many years back. At first we were proud of him, a neighborhood kid made good, unlike the rest of us bums.

But then he became a Fed, as if he'd gone to GW Law night school or something (no offense, GW guys).

His reason for taking the job was that he'd have more time for other things. Like a WWII blog and selling used books.

Anyway, he did ok for himself, nice place in the suburbs, beach house, etc..However, we always wondered what might have happened if he'd gone ahead and worked those 160 hour weeks in a big DC firm for 10 years or so. Maybe he'd own the Nationals now and be holding back their rent or maybe he'd be dead from overwork.

But you have a chance to achieve a dream: to write for every baseball blog simultaneously! Don't let your day job stand in the way of such a noble quest.

Anonymous said...

Craig - you really do have quite a knack for this writing gig. Let's hope you continue your dalliance with authoring prose.

Craig Calcaterra said...

Thanks guys. I can assure you: if and when the opportunity arises to do this full time, the opportunity will be taken.

RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

Kudos on, 'The Year in Frivolity", Shyster. Nicely done.
However, my weekend was shaping up nicely until the image of Schilling's TV career oozed in.