Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Cubans Fly the Coop

Two Cuban ballplayers participating in a junior tournament in Canada -- pitcher Noel Arguelles and infielder Jose Iglesias -- have either (a) gotten lost in the urban jungles of Edmonton; or (b) will soon sign with agents and turn up at a minor league stadium near you:

Both players showed up at a team meal late Sunday afternoon at the University of Alberta campus, where they were staying. When the players boarded a bus for their game against Canada that evening, there were two empty seats.

No one knows where Arguelles and Iglesias went, but tournament chairman Ron Hayter said everyone around the tournament has a pretty good idea.
Well, there is some controversy about that. Cuban officials have unequivocally told tournament organizers that the players planned to park off of the east coast of the United States and fire their missiles. The Cubans have thus asked for organizers' help in destroying the ballplayers. A resourceful young baseball analyst, however, claims that they are trying to defect.

Sources indicate that the next step in this ongoing saga will be determined by whether or not the ballplayers pull any Crazy Ivans.


Jason said...

CC, major props for the "Hunt for Red October" reference.

One ping only, Vasili.

Anonymous said...

sources are unclear as to why one of the Cubans has a Scottish accent

tadthebad said...

What was the name of the radar guy for the US in that movie/novel? He was da man. Jonesie?

Any idea if these two young Cubans are "properly motivated"?

Ironic Goat said...

The one thing to look forward to in a cold war with china would be the return of the good submarine movie.

Chadillac said...

'Hunt for the Red Dragon'?

Anonymous said...


Courtney Vance played Radarman Jones in "Hunt for Red October".

Here's a link to his filmography and other details via IMDB:

Roger Moore said...

It's SONAR, damnit, not radar. Radar doesn't work so well underwater.

tadthebad said...

Whoops. You're correct. My bad.

Chris Heer said...

"Red October shtanding by."

--Some dude imitating Connery, "Blue Harvest"