Monday, July 21, 2008

The Durham Deal

I doubt that Milwaukee picking up Ray Durham is going to make the Cubs break out in cold sweats, but he's an upgrade over what Weeks has been giving them, and having him around gives Yost a lot more flexibility that he might not have otherwise had. It also makes perfect sense for San Francisco to dump him inasmuch as he's not the kind of guy you're gonna get picks for if you let him walk when his contract is up at the end of the season (offer a 37 year-old second baseman arbitration and he's more than likely to accept).

Best part of this trade: it forced me to read Durham's Wikipedia page, which based on the tone and over-familiarity of the prose strikes me as though it was written by his mom. I always like it when I find pages like that.

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Can you tell I'm off work today? Anyway, Ray Durham played hard for the Gigantes while he was here, approaching his at-bats profesionally and doing what he could in the field. The team has a few options at second to look at over the next 10 weeks, none of whom appear to be earth shaking, especially as good second basemen are hard to find. Still, Ray was past his "sell by" date. Now if Sabean can just bid a fond farewell to Vizquel...