Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And That Happened

But I missed it all.

No recaps this morning folks, because I had something better to do last night: go to a ballgame. The Reds-Padres game to be sure, and I got to sit in a luxury box and everything. Between the 11 innings, the free beer, hot dogs and cookies, and the hour and a half drive back home last night, there's no way I'm going to be able to break down box scores for you in anything approaching an effective manner this morning. In fact, I probably won't be seeing straight for much of the day.

But all is not lost. I expect to have an otherwise normal posting schedule today, so tune back in later this morning. One of the day's posts will be a recap of my experience at the Reds game. All 31 strikeouts of it (man, you should have heard Marty Brennaman bitching about that!). I didn't bring a pad of paper or anything, but I did scribble notes on a cocktail napkin (really), which just goes to show you how pathetic a blogger I have become.

See you shortly.


Alex said...

I've never seen an alarm clock that shows what year it is.

Drew said...

Well at least I don't have to read about the Mets screwing Johan yet again here. I've already read about it everywhere else.